Welcome to Cold War Jokes!

Welcome to Cold War Jokes!

We are a political humor website specialized on Cold War Era humor.

Our site contains well selected jokes about communism, communist dictators and also politics-related jokes with cops, animal jokes, secret agent jokes, military jokes and others...

Most of our material was collected in former communist countries.

During the Cold War, nations that were oppressed by communism invented tons of jokes about their leaders and communism in general. Many people went to jail only for saying political jokes about communism, this was considered a crime in those countries.

Enjoy our jokes...

The Cold War joke culture & heritage

During the Cold War people invented lots of funny jokes about that period's happenings a ridiculous characteristics. Jokes were told in secret, away from the eyes of communists and secret agents.

Cold War humor flourished back then, when the US and the Soviet Union were competing each other and Central and Eastern European countries were under communist domination.

A whole Cold War humor culture has appeared, but unfortunately, due to the collapse of communism in Europe and the end of the Cold War, the good jokes have almost died out...

Paradoxally, under communist dictatorship, people telling jokes in secret about communist dictators have contributed to the solidification and constant evolution of the Cold War joke culture, it is today when the heritage created by talented humorists is threatened to disappear. Even though we have freedom of speech, political jokes about communism are scarce.

There was never a more evolved joke culture than that about the Cold War. There is not better period in human history to make great jokes about, mainly due to the paradoxal, childish, ridiculous characteristics of the rivalry between democracy and communism.

Future generations won't know anything about the Cold War joke culture, if we don't preserve these values.

In order to keep the humorous spirit alive, we have created this site. Cold War Jokes contains collections of original jokes from behind the iron curtain, new funny jokes about the Cold War and communism in general.

Our joke arsenal (types of jokes)

Our aim is to maintain all sorts of jokes about the Cold War. Jokes are collected from multiple countries, there are multiple themes, among which the most popular are:

Jokes about communist dictators:

Other political jokes:

Our mission

The Cold War era was a horrible period for humanity, but also a ridiculous, often funny.

Our contents are growing constantly, we bring you new humorous stories, funny rumours, funny jokes periodically in order to keep the Cold War humor heritage alive.

Now, we can laugh as much as we want and can ironize communists and evil-minded paranoid dictators as much as we want!

The political jokes that were once illegal are now out, flying freely on the internet!

Laughing is healthy and it's free!

Unlike other sites that bug you with commercials, we don't want to sell you anything, just make you laugh at our free jokes collection!

We take an ironic look at the past: how communism "flourished" in parts of Europe, how citizens were persecuted by their ruthless dictatorial regimes, how animals lived under the Cold War, how communist dictators were thinking and how their people were living under their doctrine and more...

Speaking of jokes and rumours, we remember a postcard from the time of the Soviet Union...
There were a bunch of pigs on the photograph, image taken either in a barn at a farm or at a communist party meeting.
Below, on the postcard there was a text: "Second from the right is Nikita Khruschec Khruschev".

About Cold War Jokes

Our humor is about the Cold War era. A tragic and stupid era in human history, yet humorous too, because it was ridiculous and freedom-loving people made a lot of jokes and pranks about it.

We have collected lots of funny jokes, rumours, images and we publish them in order to maintain the spirit of the Cold War humor!

We have sympathy for the victims of communism and the Cold War in general. Our materials are well selected an our jokes are clean, vulgar expressions cannot find place on our site.

We appreciate good humor and irony, if you think that you can contribute to our content with images, videos, jokes, etc., the you are free to contact us.

Our philosophy, our mission

We are a Cold War humour-specialized site.

Much of our material actually originates from former communist countries. During communism, these jokes were told in secret, because if the authorities found someone telling them, they interrogated and even imprisoned the person.

Of course, the west was more free. One could tell jokes about Richard Nixon

For such jokes, in communist times, people saying them or just listening/reading them could go to jail for life.

Despite this, humor, especially in Central Europe and the Balkans was pretty much alive in the communist era. And it still is!

Unfortunately since the fall of communism, the humor about communism is also in decline. It's a good thing that communism disappeared for good in most parts of the World, but unfortunately the jokes ironizing communism are dieing with it.

Therefore, we have created this site. It's more almost certain that we are the only ones on the internet, even more, the only ones in the universe who's trying to maintain the irony and humor surrounding the Cold War...

We want to keep the "Cold War humor" spirit alive. It was a cruel period for mankind, however it was on of the funniest, if not the funniest period on Earth... A hillarious period that made no sense and we still remember it. If we forget this, future generations won't know anything about it!

If you want to contribute, keep the comic spirit alive, then contact us!

Let's all take a look back with a great smile and irony, no hard feelings.

What was bad is now gone, so we can laugh about the rest!